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Preventing Erosion

Erosion Control Southern Indiana

Preventing water erosion in a construction or land development site is crucial to maintaining a solid dirt foundation. An effective erosion control solution helps route surface runoff to minimize soil loss, habitat loss and property loss. Most erosion control programs are mandated by local governments to ensure that stormwater runoff is managed properly.

Stopping Erosion

Erosion can be caused by wind and rain. In Southern Indiana we deal with water erosion problems. Stopping water from eroding soil is done by building a barrier to absorb the energy that water creates as it moves across the surface. Barriers can be created with natural materials such as large rip rap rocks, simple vegetation such as grass or sod and straw blankets. Erosion control can also be achieved by building terraces and retaining walls. The latter solutions are typically done for homes and commercial building sites while the other erosion control methods are typically done for large slopes and highway projects.

Managing Erosion on Hillsides

Surface cover is the key to stabilizing soil on inclines. Surface cover slows the rate at which water travels and reduces the impact of falling rain. Growing grass takes time.  Sod and rip rap rock are typically used as an instant solution to stop erosion. Straw blankets and mats are used as an alternative to sodding a hillside. The blankets are laid out over the exposed areas to disperse and slow water movement. The straw mats protect the soil and give the grass seed time to germinate and grow strong roots.

Erosion Control Company

Hiring a company that specializes in erosion control is your best option when dealing with erosion. If not done properly, you will continue to have problems and your hill will be further eroded. ASB Excavating has the equipment and the knowledge to handle your project. Whether you have an eroding yard or a large construction project that needs straw mats, we are here to help.

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