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Basement Digging

Digging Out a Basement

Southern Indiana homes are typically built with basements for additional space and protection when mother nature gets out of hand. When your house plans call for a basement, ASB Excavating is the team you need to get the excavation process done right. We solely focus on new construction and existing home excavation. The foundation of your home is where your home gets it stability. Why not hire the most experienced digging crew in Floyd County.

How is a Foundation Dug?

Basements are typically dug out with large heavy machinery. We use our 953 Caterpillar High lift and our 243c Caterpillar Excavator with a hoe ram attachment for when we hit rock and boulders. Our in-house heavy equipment lets us tackle any size job and not have to rely on rented equipment.

How much is it to Dig a Basement?

The cost to dig a basement is not a set price. There are quite a few variables that can come into play when digging basements. Especially digging a basement in Southern Indiana. Floyd County and Clark County, Indiana are notorious for having hard clay soil and heavy limestone rock deposits. Unless you can see large boulders protruding from the surface, we can’t be sure it will be a straight forward dig. Size of the basement also has a place in the equation of cost. The more dirt that has to be moved or hauled off the more expensive the job gets.

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