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Project Description

Before the concrete foundation for your home even gets poured, your basement has to be dug to the precise measurements according to your blueprints.

Digging a basement in Floyds Knobs is not always an easy process. The dirt in Floyd County can be a tough one to dig at times. The first layer of soil that you typically dig is topsoil. Topsoil holds all the organic matter and microorganisms that keep grass growing healthy and green.

The second layer of dirt that you dig through is made up of sand and silt. This soil has lost all of its minerals and the clay has been pushed down by water moving through it.

The last type of soil you need to remove when digging a basement for a house is clay. Clay is a compacted soil that is difficult to dig.

All of these types of dirt are found when digging a basement in Floyd County. The only thing you don’t want to run into is rock. It makes the process harder and requires more heavy equipment to come in and help remove it.