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Dirt Work

We are not your typical excavating company. Our focus is on residential excavating services. We specialize in helping home owners in Clark, Floyd and Harrison County, Indiana get the best price and service on their excavation needs. Whether you are in the process of building a new home and need a basement dug or you need to extend your downspouts underground to move the water away from your house, ASB Excavating has the team and the equipment to get your job done. Don’t just take our word for it. We have a long list of happy clients that can vouch for our work.


Our definition of excavating is everything dirt work related. Digging dirt, leveling dirt and hauling dirt is what we do. So if you need an excavating company that focuses on residential work, call ASB Excavating.

Lot Preparation

A new home or pole barn requires the building site to be set to the proper grade and elevation. Having a solid foundation to build on is an important step in the building process.

Basement Excavation

Digging a basement to the specs on your blueprints requires experience, knowledge and the right equipment. Our team has the most experience with basement digs in Southern Indiana, at about 150 a year.

Land Clearing

Clearing land is typically done to make way for a new structure to be built or to make better use of the land. Our team and fleet of heavy equipment can remove trees, brush, stumps and stones.

Rough Grading

A new construction job site is littered with ruts and improper grade. Turn that ankle breaking, ungraded yard into a golf course smooth area by hiring ASB Excavating to set the proper grade to your yard.

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Advantages of working with us:

ASB Excavating has 20 years of excavation experience and heavy equipment operation here in Southern Indiana. Moving dirt in Kentuckiana requires knowledge about topsoil, clay and rock.


We have a long list of satisfied residential clients as well as home builders in Southern Indiana.

Project Manager

Having someone on your side that can walk you through your excavation project ensures you get exactly what you need.

In-House Equipment

We own a large amount of heavy equipment, attachments and hauling equipment. It ensures no downtime so jobs get completed on time.

Experienced professionals

Our team has experience in excavation and construction. They can read your blueprints and know exactly how to dig your basement.

Fully insured

Our company is fully insured and ready to take on your job. We are professionals and follow all Indiana rules and regulations for job safety.

Individual approach

No job is ever the same. We take an individual look at each job and make sure we are the perfect excavating company for the job.

Gravel Driveway Installation

Finding a driveway installation company
in Southern Indiana used to be a difficult process.
ASB can dig and lay a gravel driveway for you at an affordable price.

Digging Foundations

Digging footings and foundations from blueprints is
our specialty. Our team will layout your foundation
and then dig your basement or footer to the exact measurements.

French Drain Installation

Drainage systems are a perfect solution to protect a
home from potential water damage. A gutter drain
will allow water runoff to flow away from your foundation instead of collecting around it.

Always Playing
in the Dirt

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Our History and Our Mission

At ASB Excavating, we specialize in residential excavating and new home construction projects for home owners and builders. We don’t focus on large commercial excavating jobs.

Whether it is clearing land and digging a basement for a dream home or leveling a pad for a new pole barn, our team is going to make sure you have a solid foundation to build on. Our mission is a 100% accurately finished product that is ready for the next phase of construction.

Since we specialize in residential excavation and new construction homes in Southern Indiana, we know we are dealing with a different audience. Home owners are typically new to what actually needs to be done to get their home built or how their yard needs to be graded for proper water flow. That is where our project manager and knowledgable operators come in.

Our team is setup to answer any questions and make the excavating process as clear and straight forward as possible. We want home owners to be informed on what is going to be done and how.

So when your looking for an excavating company in Southern Indiana, give ASB Excavating a call and we can give you a consultation and a quote on what you need done.

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Recently Completed Jobs

Go ahead, look around. We are proud of all the projects we have completed and love showing them off. We know you can only see so many angles of us digging basements and installing curtain drains, but we want you to feel comfortable hiring an excavating company that you can trust. So flip through our projects and fell free to ask us any questions.

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Basement in Jeffersonville
site prep for a pole barn build
Site Preparation in Floyds Knobs
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